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Let’s Collaborate! Explore the Artwork Puzzlehead

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In the 1930s, a group of modernist artists in Bucks County including Charles F. Ramsey, Louis Stone, and Charles Evans, formed the Cooperative Painting Project. Experimenting with expressive color, abstract forms, and modern concepts of creative design, this experimental group worked together for two years.


Selma Bortner: Storytelling and Symbolism

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Have you ever thought about being an artist? Selma Bortner said, "For me, being an artist was always a question of survival. I could not survive in this world if I could not do something creative. It's a commitment that I made when I was a child. I knew from the first time I could think about it that I wanted to be an artist."


Ten Ways to Approach Art – Tip #5

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Louis Bosa's paintings were influenced by urban realist John Sloan and depicted colorful scenes of city life. The figures in his works were highly expressionistic and stylized, bordering on caricature. He loved to tell stories, but said, “in a picture you must never tell the whole story. Part of the story must be hidden but you must get to the mood.”