In The Color of the Moon interactive gallery, visitors can share their memories and thoughts of the first lunar landing that took place on July 20, 1969. Many responses have come back from people who were around during the momentous event, along with other messages that reflect upon the significance of the event and what it meant to them.

-Watching in quiet amazement and awe on a hot, humid summer night while 2 intrepid souls pushed the frontier of humanity’s progress outward by a quarter of a million miles.

-We were in England at the time, staying at a B&B. The guests were enchanted and said to us, “Aren’t you proud of your country!”. Yes, then we were proud Americans!

-I am fascinated by the fact the when the moon is full, it comes up in the east when the sun goes down in the west.

-It was awesome and we were awed.

-Got my driver’s license the day Apollo 11 landed.

-I was 7 years old. I remember my mother running from the kitchen to watch the rocket launch. She was sobbing, and I didn’t understand.  It took several years later when I realized why she would be overcome with emotion. Wow.

-The Lunar landing brought a connection to all people regardless of race, gender, religion or social class. The lunar landing showed our communities that we could be inclusive and celebrate as a people of one.

-I was 50 years old, at home during summer break from college. I was an engineering major and fascinated by the technical achievement. The front page of the New York Times describing the event – still hangs on the wall in my study.

-I was in Edinburgh Scotland and didn’t know about the moon landing. But as soon as anyone heard my accent I was congratulated. It took a while before I knew the reason for the good wishes.

-I was 12 and just got back from Girl Scout camp. I was not nearly as impressed then as I am now.

-I loved the sight of the first because the flag showed America.

-We were living in a farmhouse in Holicong when Armstrong set foot on the moon.The contrast of the two places was awesome.

-I remember watching the first moonwalk on TV. The impossible coming true.

-Watched it then. Astounded still.

-I was with a group of collage friends the night of the moonwalk. We stopped what we were doing to gather around a TV. The moon walk by Neil Armstrong was something none of us will forget. We stopped all of our banter and just stared in amazement.

-It was a family event watching the landing on a small black and white TV set. I was 12 and living in a small town. I was so impressed and my admiration for USA grew even more the day.

-I want to land on the moon.

-With friends from Italy, the Netherlands and Barcelona, we all got up at 4am to watch it on TV in our dorm.

-My sister and two friends piled onto a king size bed of my friends brother and his wife. We had anticipated it for weeks and determined this was the best way for the bunch of us (7) to view it together . 50 years later and I can still recall our ooo’s and ahhh’s.

-My parents were watching our children , ages 2 and 7 months. My husband and I were at a picnic here in Bucks County. We raced back to Philly arriving in time to see the landing. A memorable night.

-I was 8 years old and watched the Lunar Landing on our family’s small black and white TV. Even then I realized something special. It created my love of science and future career.

I am fascinated by the fact that when the moon is full, it comes up in the east and when the sun goes down it is in the west.

-My Mom always sleeps under the light of the moon. She believes it heals.

I love seeing the moon through a foggy, misty sky.

Sitting with my first-born baby in my lap, I turned on my small black and white TV. After several channel and antennae wire adjustments, a somewhat grainy and flickering image of the moon appeared. Minutes later, I heard the words “One small step…” and a shiver of excitement ran through me. It still does as I am writing this today!

I wonder what the moon is like. I want to go there someday.

-I like the moon because it is pretty and gives me something to draw. It makes me feel insignificant in the greatest way possible.

-The moon is marvelous. It sparked my interest in astronomy, after the moon landing.

I love the moonlight reflected on the water.

-I was so thrilled with this amazing feat that I recorded it with my movie camera from the TV.

The landing on the moon was such an accomplishment for humans. Why can’t we use the same amount of thought and expertise to stop war?

I love the sight of the first because the flags showed America.

The landing on the moon was the result of passionate curiosity and problem solving. As we know it was a small beginning into our knowledge of the universe.

I wrote my college entrance essay on Jim Lovell’s book “Lost Moon” and the Apollo 13 Mission!

Thank you to everyone for your responses thus far. On your next visit, contribute your thoughts about the lunar landing. How has this event affected your life?