About Us

About This Website


Learn with the Michener Art Museum is a website developed for children, teens, parents and teachers. It is a learning resource for audiences of all ages. It gives visitors of the site the opportunity:

  • to learn about and utilize works in the Michener Art Museum’s collection and the Bucks County Intermediate Unit Collection in a meaningful way
  • to look at, learn about, investigate and creatively respond to works of art
  • to learn about artists, their techniques and their inspirations
  • to engage in discussions and creative problem solving activities online and at home
  • to experience opportunities to create studio artwork
  • to learn about Bucks County’s cultural and artistic heritage
  • to make broader connections between works of art, the world and their lives

Our Mission & Philosophy

The development of this website supports the education department’s mission at the Michener Art Museum: To educate the community about the visual arts through a diverse program of educational activities which seek to develop a lifelong involvement in the arts.

The mission of the education department at the Michener Art Museum is rooted in the inquiry-based approach. Our mission is to provide visitors with opportunities in learning that strengthen observational skills, language skills, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. With these learning opportunities, we hope that visitors will gain valuable insight into the Michener Art Museum’s collection and the historical and cultural contexts in which these works of art are made. Through the use of artworks, we hope to promote the study of the visual arts as a resource for enriching education and to provide applications for everyday life.

Our Sponsor

This website is funded by a Museum for America Grant through the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed on this website do not necessarily represent those of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Our Staff

  • Adrienne Neszmelyi-Romano, Director of Interpretation and Innovation
  • Andrea Thompson, Arts Education Manager
  • Casey Repasy, Arts Education Coordinator
  • Melissa Easton-Sandquist, Community Programs & Group Visits Manager
  • Matt Kalasky, Manager of Public Programs
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