In The Color of the Moon exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to experience an interactive gallery space which features the historic NASA footage of the first lunar landing in 1969, opportunities to listen to music inspired by the moon, and an area for sketching and writing inspired by the paintings in the exhibition. Visitors can also contribute their stories and memories of the lunar landing on a magnetic wall.  We recently came upon a poem that a visitor wrote in the sketchbook in the space. Thank you Salerno for sharing it with us!

The breeze that swayed the

day daylight trees

Has faded with the sun

and left the dandelions alone

Out in the cool, green fields

Where bees tend to the honey

Given them by wildflowers

That stand in rows, their petals

closed against the evening mist

Sleep now, and I will keep you safe

Until the morning comes

And should the night bring you

to tears

I’ll be right by your side

But sleep for now and let me

rock you in this quiet night

While summer stars

Like lanterns far

Wait for tomorrow’s dawn

-Salerno, Museum Visitor

If you feel inspired after viewing the exhibition, please stop into the interactive gallery to contribute your thoughts and creative responses. We will contribute them periodically online. Thank you!