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Rising Tides Artist Highlight: Diane Burko’s Elegy Series

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Diane Burko is a photographer and painter concerned with representing the ever changing majesty, vastness, and epic character of the natural world. She is is deeply concerned about our fragile natural environment and the ways in which we contribute to its destruction. Use this resource to explore concepts and ideas found in Burko's work including abstraction, climate change, and environmental activism. Grade Level (s): Grades 4-5; 6-8; 9-12; Subject Area (s): Visual Arts, Language Arts, Science, Environment and Ecology.


Ten Ways to Approach Art – Tip #10

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Tip #10 - A work of art can be an inspiration to make more original works of art. Learn more about how you can make an original work of art inspired by "A Wooded Watershed", along with other works in the Museum's collection.


Come Explore Paint Dtown!

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Have you noticed something different when walking around Doylestown? We have "painted" Doylestown with reproductions of artwork from our permanent collection in a FREE outdoor exhibition titled, Paint Dtown. You [...]


Ten Ways to Approach Art – #9

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Jack Thompson is a surrealist sculptor who has traveled the world in search of ideas for his work. As a student of modern psychology, Thompson is deeply interested in mythology and symbols of the cycle of life.


A Mural That Tells a Story: Study for New London Facets by Lloyd Ney

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New Hope modernist artist Lloyd Raymond “Bill” Ney created this large four-panel painting in 1940 as a study for his mural proposed for the United States Post Office in New London, Ohio. When Ney submitted his preliminary sketch to the Treasury Department's Section of Painting and Sculpture in December 1939, he envisioned an abstract mural that would be a combined picture of the town's history, depicting many ideas of scenes in one setting.


Dreaming of Abstract Art: Franz Jozef Ponstingl

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Exploring abstract art can be a lot of fun! Abstract art is a type of artwork that doesn’t look realistic. You might be able to find objects that you can recognize in an abstract work of art, but not all the time. Everyone sees something different when looking at abstract art, and that’s part of what makes looking at artwork exciting!


Connecting Art and Science: Creative Kids in the Kitchen!

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Connecting art and science can be a lot of fun! Artists and scientists share many of the same skills in how they approach their work - whether it is by creating an artwork (like a painting, drawing or sculpture) or doing scientific research - they both use the techniques of observation and experimentation.


Ten Ways to Approach Art – #8

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Catherine Jansen has been inventing, exploring and creating photographic processes that merge state of the art technology with traditional photography since the late 1960s. From the late 1990s until today, Jansen has been working with a digital camera and Adobe Photoshop to create a visual vocabulary that builds photographs into a long format that can express psychological and emotional time and space within the image.