Earlier this summer, the Byers Gallery underwent a transformation. The last time the gallery had any major changes was in 2016 when the walls were painted a deep green. A wide selection of the Museum’s Pennsylvania Impressionists paintings were displayed on the walls in a “salon style” format – meaning that artworks were hung at many different levels and in groupings. They were hung higher and lower than at traditional eye-level. It was fresh and new – an exciting change for the gallery.

Well, it is now 2019 and time for another change. Gone are the green walls. They now have been covered with a fresh coat of white paint and an new exhibit has been hung. This installation now includes selections from the modern and contemporary collection of the Museum. It illustrates the rich diversity of expression that results as modernist and contemporary artists grapple with creating new modes of representation and new ways of expressing their responses to the world around them. Artists including Henriette Wyeth, Helen Mirkil, Alan Goldstein, and Mavis Smith are just some that are now on view.

Next time you are at the Michener be sure to take a peek at the new display! Tell us what you think about it below.