Credits: Image one: First Study for Cicada, c.1994, Rob Evans (b.1959), Pencil on Paper, Collection of the Artist, Image Courtesy of Rob Evans; Image Two: Early Cicada Study, c.1981, Rob Evans (b.1959), Pencil and ink on paper, Collection of the Artist, Image courtesy of Rob Evans;  Image Three: Study for Cicada, 1996, Rob Evans (b.1959), Pencil on paper, Collection of the Artist, Image courtesy of Rob Evans.

Cicada began as a sketch and later became the painting it is today. Take a look at the sketches Rob Evans did in 1994 and in 1996 before he created his painting. What is similar and different between the two sketches? Next, compare the sketches to his painting. What has changed or stayed the same?

Rob Evans’ paintings take a few years to complete, and often he exhibits these large-scale works in various stages of completion. Cicada was exhibited in seven different museums from 1998 to 2001 before it was completed! Between each exhibit, he worked on the painting some more. He wanted to give it a sense of history and age, and so he used materials that gave that effect. He mixed mulch, pumice gels, and glass beads into his paint, and he even used a power sander on the painting! He likes that his painting was an evolving object. To see more of Rob Evans’ work, visit his website.