Welcome to Summer Art Camp 2014!

Art Camp

Drawing and Painting students find inspiration for tree paintings in the shade near Steve Tobin’s “Romeo and Juliet.”
Drawing and Painting students find inspiration for tree paintings in the shade near Steve Tobin’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

“We are living in a time in which mass production, mass education, and mass seeing and experiencing have suppressed the sensitive relationships of the individual. Art education has the special mission of developing within the individual those creative sensitivities that make life satisfying and meaningful.”

-Lowenfeld & Brittain, Creative and Mental Growth: Eighth Edition

Today marks the second week of classes for the 2014 summer art camp at the Michener. We  are proud to welcome over 560 students age 5 through 16, over 35 high school Counselors in Training,  and six college interns into a variety of exciting classes in the coming weeks. From sculpture to fashion design, comic books to Japanese anime, painting to pastels — the Michener offers classes to inspire students with any creative interest.

The new classes that are being offered this year include:

  • Monsters, Dragons, and Magic
  • Fairies and Elves, Villains and Heroes
  • Textile Design
  • Art of Illustration
  • Making Handmade Books
  • Arts of Africa: Art, Music and Drama
  • All About Art: The USA
  • All About Art: Around the World
  • All About Art: Back to the Future

Students will be designing their own simple machines in Back to the Future; playing African instruments in Arts of Africa; and dying fabrics with natural dyes like turmeric and coffee in Textile Design. To view the full schedule of the 2014 Summer Classes, or to register for a class click here.

In addition to the variety of classes, what makes the Michener art camps special is the remarkable passion and creativity of it’s students and teachers. Art teacher Robin Lane says, “I really enjoy the enthusiasm of the kids in the summer. To have kids that are so excited about what they’re doing—it’s contagious.” Even on the first day, the feeling was palpable in the silent Drawing and Painting 2 class. The students were so focused while creating their still life painintgs, I could almost hear the cogs turning as they strategized their next brush stroke.

Art engages students in a very personal, sensory process; one which is seldom experienced in other academic classes. We are thrilled to foster each student’s artistic growth. We also appreciate all of the community support we have for our classes.

We encourage those who are interested to sign up for our upcoming fall, winter, and spring classes. Registration for the 2014-2015 program begins August 1st. Details about all classes can be found at MichenerArtMuseum.org.

Questions? Contact Ruth Anderson at 215-340-9800 x126 or randerson@michenerartmuseum.org

-Anna Knabe, Michener Art Museum Intern

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