Well, the ballots are in. You voted, and we listened! To continue our discussion on the voting results for the exhibition, Facing Out, Facing In, this blog post will hopefully give some information to those visitors that really enjoy analyzing results from surveys. 🙂 In this first round of voting, we had approximately 300 ballots submitted, representing votes on works by the following artists: Emmet Gowin, Werner Drewes, Maximilian Vanka and Julius Bloch. Four new works have been chosen to replace the first four, and votes on these will be collected until April 3rd.

The Facing Out Facing In Ballot is broken down into two sections. The first section is a series of nine phrases that visitors were asked to respond to by answering “yes” or “no”. Each phrase reflects an “inward” quality or an “outward” quality of an image.

Results of Gowin with FOFI RatingThe second section of the ballot is a rating scale, which asks visitors to respond to whether the artist is facing “in” (rated 6) or facing “out” (rated 1) or somewhere in between. Of course, this rating scale received a variety of responses. On the left, the image shows the results of the Emmet Gowin based on this rating scale.

Below are the results of Julius Bloch’s, the Apple Seller. The Werner Drewes’ Self-Portrait results can be found here and the  results for the work by Maximilian Vanka can be found here.Results of Bloch and FOFI Rating

If you would like a detailed report on first section of the ballot results on each artist, each report can be found below. These include:

Results for the next four works will be displayed in mid-April when voting closes on April 3rd. Thank you to all that participated in the voting process! If you vote, be sure to include your name and email address.  If you have done so, you will be entered into a drawing to to win a special gift! Winners will be announced by May 6th.