Have you ever been to a museum where you were actually asked to touch the art? In the exhibit, Leslie Pontz: Integration, the traditional “hands off” policy is not in effect.

There are four installations in the exhibit and each one has a different set of instructions.

  • You can build and create your own structure, using the “blocks” provided as part of the work, Rebuild. What are in these “blocks”? Are they different from traditional blocks? If so, how? How is your structure different?
  • Interested in creating some art? Stop by The Studio where you can create and share using the same materials as Pontz. Play with the crocheted elements, create a found object sculpture, or sketch on the paper provided. What do you come up with?
  • The largest installation, Integration, encourages you to discover as you walk among the hanging crocheted pods. Look, touch, feel at your own pace. What do you see? What do they remind you of?
  • The last work, Stepping Stones, asks you to move in, out and around the elements. How do you move from one end to the other without moving the elements? What kind of message do you think Pontz is saying with this work?

Every work in the exhibition was created with the visitor in mind. Unlike the other galleries at the Michener, in this exhibit you can touch the artwork, build on what others have done, or create work of your own. Share your experiences on social media and don’t forget the hashtag, #Pontzintegration. Any image that uses this hashtag on Instagram will be shown on a screen in the exhibition.

To learn more about artist Leslie Pontz, visit the Michener’s channel on YouTube.