This is an exciting time for the Michener Art Museum as we celebrate our silver anniversary!

We are so grateful to the community for all the love and support over the past 25 years and we wouldn’t be here without you and your support.  To mark this special occasion we have filled the year with various events and festivities.  While it is wonderful to see so much community participation at these functions, we have noticed that there is something missing: YOU, our young Michener community members, our young professionals.  And, we, well, miss you!

We remember seeing some of you regularly, when you were younger, on school trips or in our various summer camps.

Do you remember those days?

And maybe some of you are newer to the area and may not have gotten a chance to visit us yet.  But we want you to know that we need you! This museum is as much your space as anyone else’s.


Along with our anniversary celebrations, we have a lot of exciting and new exhibitions and programs opening through the rest of the year.  We’d like to personally invite you to come, visit, and explore.

Also, we don’t know if you’ve heard, but to celebrate our anniversary, we are inviting you to be a curator in The People’s Choice: Celebrating Michener’s Top 25 exhibition!  Please make sure to vote on your favorite pieces, as your voice makes the difference.

We hope to see you in the galleries soon!


-Sumreen Z Chaudhry, Michener Intern