Even though the Museum is currently closed, we are here for you online! Are you looking for a way to feel connected, inspired, engaged or enjoy a moment of respite? We have an idea! Visit the Michener Art Museum’s collection on Google Arts and Culture. There are 184 objects in the Museum’s collection featured on the platform along with over 61 works in super high resolution gigapixel technology. The 22-foot lunette shaped mural, A Wooded Watershed by Pennsylvania Impressionist painter Daniel Garber, is the largest gigapixel painting captured to date with the Google Art Camera. Each gigapixel image contains seven billion pixels, allowing the viewer to study details of the brushwork beyond what is possible with the naked eye in a gallery.

What can you see? Here is a preview!

Explore our online exhibit, 30 Years: Art at the Michener 1988-2018. You can see some of your favorite works and learn some interesting facts about the Museum’s history and it’s collection.





Would you prefer to explore the Museum’s collection on your own? You can do that as well! You can save works that are your favorites to create your own online collection too.






You can even take a virtual tour of the Museum’s galleries. There are lots of Museum views you can enjoy, including the outdoor sculpture gardens. The indoor street footage even contains imagery from the 2016 special exhibition, Unguarded, Untold, Iconic: Afghanistan through the Lens of Steve McCurry, which featured the iconic portrait, The Afghan Girl.

There is much more to discover on Google Arts and Culture. Take some time to explore all the amazing museums and sites from around the world on this platform.