Making Magic: Beauty in Word and Image  features 16 poems that visitors can listen to at “poetry nooks”  in the exhibition.  Here is one by Eileen Flor:

With Each Drop of Argan Oil

Beyond the Mediterranean Sea, across the Atlantic,

before her mirror, an American woman

examines her face with sigh.

The sun has set deep wrinkles of worry,

so she opens the bottle of Argan oil,

fifty dollars an ounce, pours a dime size

of the honey colored hope into her palm,

and rubs her hands together

soothing it into her pores,

smoothing it down her neck,

into every follicle of her hair

to keep her job, her husband, and then

she lies beside her daughter’s bed, opens a book,

and reads to her of kings, queens and all the people

that she might become in her dreams tonight.


In Morocco, a Berber woman opens a jar,

drops and jingles in a dime, a day’s wage saved

by every village mother who collects Argan oil by day.

She holds her daughter’s face between her palms,

as if she is the moon to shine into each hut.

Embracing her daughter, she points

beyond the Argan tree, to a space

where the gods have made nothing grow,

a place to build a school to fill with books,

to fill a daughter’s head with dreams.


—Eileen Flor

What do you think about this poem?  How do you think it relates to the theme of beauty?  Please share your thoughts with us!