Making Magic: Beauty in Word and Image features 16 poems that visitors can listen to at “poetry nooks” in the exhibition.  Here is one by Sean Webb:

The Audition

The trumpet belongs to

the shaggy down-and-outer

being grilled by narcotics cops

over items in his pickup’s bed.

They require that he play a little

light jazz to prove the axe is his.

And so, by the beat up truck,

the skinny shirtless detainee

fingers and blows a tarnished

version of something elegant

while his hand-cuffed partner

convulses on a white resin chair,

reeling from the dope slammed

into his arm as the cops kicked

a door in and stormed the place.

The shaky and winded trumpeter

lowers his instrument and waits.

Police in black ski masks confer,

decide his rendering adequate.

He tucks the configured brass

into its allotment of red velvet

and carefully closes the case.

— Sean Webb

You can also listen to the poet reading his own work as you read the poem.  What do you think about the poem?  How do you think it relates to the theme of beauty?  Please share your comments with us!