Rob Evans (b. 1959), Flight Pattern, 2001. Digital print on paper. 15.75 x 24 inches. James A. Michener Art Museum. Museum purchase.

Our First Place Winner of the Ekphrastic Poetry Contest was Keira Heather Boyd. Keira is an 8th grader at Wissahickon Charter School in Philadelphia, PA. She was inspired by the artwork Flight Pattern by Rob Evans. Congratulations Keira!


Flight Pattern

Her wings soared through the sky

Every flutter against each second, draining to chilly minutes

Cricket chirps timing against each second

The Stars stare down, waiting patiently

Her wings slicing just beneath the darkness


She held tightly to the light

Flying between where the sky touched earth

The ticks getting faster and faster

Louder and louder

Her vision and memory faded

She could feel the flowery scents fade away

Replaced with bitter tastes and rotting skin

Peeling with each breeze


She crashed into an unfamiliar home

And there she hid


Time caressed her lovingly

Stars closing in, as their patience thinned

She held tight to small dimming light

The ticks tugging it away

The Stars growing restless

Her body began to freeze, succumbing to the icy coldness

Time took her light

And the Moon ate her wings


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