Franz Jozef Ponstingl (1927-2004), Untitled, ca. 1970-72, Oil on canvas, 36 x 51 inches, Collection of John Munice.

Exploring abstract art can be a lot of fun! Abstract art is a type of artwork that doesn’t look realistic. You might be able to find objects that you can recognize in an abstract work of art, but not all the time. There are many different styles of abstract art. Everyone sees something different when looking at abstract art, and that’s part of what makes looking at artwork exciting!

The exhibition, Ponstingl: Dreams of Past Futures, explores the work of artist Franz Jozef Ponstingl who experimented with many different styles of abstract art, including surrealist and non-objective. Want to learn more and discover ways to create abstract art at home? Explore the resources below.

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