Have you noticed something different when walking around Doylestown? We have “painted” Doylestown with reproductions of artwork from our permanent collection in a FREE outdoor exhibition titled, Paint Dtown.

You will find sixteen of your favorites from our collection in this outdoor installation placed all over town. We have also created a printable version of the Paint Dtown map so you can easily find them. It is a great way to explore Doylestown with your family!

Once you find the paintings, you can learn so much more. Each work has a text panel with information about the work. Make sure you have your phone handy because each panel includes a QR code that links to an audio tour stop! Just scan the QR code to hear more.

Looking for something else to do when you find the works? Take a look at a couple of our previous posts Ten Ways to Approach Art: Tip #4 and Tip #7 along with the related resources list below. They have several ideas and downloadable activities you can do with the art on view.

Related Resources to Artworks on View:

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Provided by the Michener Art Museum with support from Art Bridges.