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James A. Michener: A Living Legacy

Image Credit: C.P. Vaughn, Portrait of James A. Michener, n.d., pencil and charcoal on paper, H. 24.625 x W. 20.625 inches, James A. Michener Art Museum. Museum purchase.

Dancing Steelroots by Steve Tobin

Image credit: Steve Tobin (1957-present), Dancing Steelroots, 2002, James A. Michener Art Museum. Photo provided courtesy of the artist.

Teaching Resources for Magical & Real: Henriette Wyeth and Peter Hurd, A Retrospective

These supplemental materials and teaching resources were developed in conjunction with the exhibition, Magical & Real: Henriette Wyeth and Peter Hurd, A Retrospective.

Teaching Resources for Decorated, Displayed, Discovered: Celebrating the Region’s School Art Collections

These supplemental materials and teaching resources were developed in conjunction with the exhibition, Decorated, Displayed, Discovered: Celebrating the Region’s School Art Collections.

Chilmark Moor, Martha’s Vineyard by William Lathrop

Image Credit: William Langson Lathrop (1859-1938), Chilmark Moor, Martha’s Vineyard, 1930, oil on canvas, H. 25 x W. 30 inches, James A. Michener Art Museum. Gift of Marguerite and Gerry Lenfest.

Back Road to Pipersville by Fern Coppedge

Learn more about the work by Bucks County painter, Fern I. Coppedge and her favorite subject, the winter landscape.

The Legacy of Principal Charles Dudley: Woodrow Wilson Middle School’s Art Collection

Charles Dudley (1881-1957) began as principal of Woodrow Wilson Middle School in 1928 with many goals in mind, one of which was to build an art collection with which no other school could compare, and…

A Wooded Watershed by Daniel Garber

Image credit: Daniel Garber (1880-1958), A Wooded Watershed, 1926, oil on canvas, 129.25 x 257.25 inches, James A. Michener Art Museum Acquired with a Legislative Initiative Grant awarded by Senator Craig Lewis

Morrell’s Spinning Wheel and Wool Winder by Katharine Steele Renninger

Image credit: Katharine Steele Renninger (1925-2004), Morrell’s Spinning Wheel and Wool Winder, 1988, H. 17.625 x W. 23.625 inches, casein on linen canvas mounted on masonite, James A. Michener Art Museum. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Wesley, Sr., on the occasion of a tribute to George Ermentrout.

The Burning of Center Bridge by Edward Redfield

Edward Redfield, a famous Pennsylvania Impressionist, preferred to paint outdoors. He completed his paintings in one sitting, a process he called “at one go.” An exception happened on July 22, 1923, when the old wooden bridge across the Delaware River at Center Bridge was struck by lightening. Redfield made notes as he watched the fire, then painted the scene the next day in his studio. The following day, he painted it again. This painting was created on July 24th, his favorite of the two canvases.

The Jazz Trio by Joseph Meierhans

Joseph Meierhans’ The Jazz Trio is an abstract Modernist painting, inspired by the improvisation and liveliness of jazz music. Meierhans often compared composing music to painting saying that a painting must “sing for the eye as much as music does for the ear.” In this work, he uses the repetition of colors, shapes and dynamic lines to lead the viewer’s eye around the painting and create a visual melody. The shapes and lines intersect and overlap to create movement and rhythm in the composition.

A Student’s Reflections on Pennsylvania City, Manayunk by Walter Baum

Image credit: Walter Baum (1884-1956), Pennsylvania City, Manayunk, c. 1947, oil on canvas, Souderton Area School District. The Decorated, Displayed, Discovered: Celebrating the Region’s School Art Collections Exhibit at the Michener Art Museum features a…

School Stories: Artist Joseph Meierhans and The Pennridge School District

Image credit: Joseph Meierhans (1890-1981), No. 2 Piz Palü Morteratsch Glacier, c. late 1950s, oil on canvas, 53.5″H x 53.5″W, Pennridge School District. The Delaware Valley region has long been home to artists who have…

Romeo and Juliet by Steve Tobin

This pair of large sculptures are made by casting tree roots in bronze. Artist Steve Tobin excavates the entire root structures and then makes several flexible rubber molds that capture the intricate shapes and detail of the roots. He uses the rubber mold to make a wax shell that he covers in a heat-resistant ceramic material and fills it with melted bronze. Tobin uses a bright-red patina to finish these sculptures. The two sculptures are installed together so that they are almost touching limbs and named after the star-crossed lovers in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Raindrops by Allan Houser

Allan Houser completed Raindrops in 1993, toward the end of his career as a sculptor. The work can be found outside in the Patricia D. Pfundt Sculpture Garden at the Michener Art Museum. This work features a Native American female figure, possibly a girl or young woman, looking up to the sky with a resting sheep at her feet.

Sink or Swim by Mavis Smith

Mavis Smith, (b. 1956), 2004, egg tempera on gesso panel, H. 26 x W. 28 inches, James A. Michener Art Museum. Museum purchase funded by Lorraine Nevens Greenberg.

Michener Art Museum Launches Google Art Project Street View & Gigapixel Imagery

Thanks to the Google Art Project, the Museum’s galleries are now available to be seen via Street View imagery. In addition, thirteen works of the 125 objects online are viewable in super high resolution or ‘gigapixel’…

An Exploration of Astrophotography: An Intern’s Reflections

As someone who has no interest or talent for anything scientific, I approached Starstruck: Fine Art of Astrophotography not sure if I would enjoy it. Could photographs of the universe really count as art? To me…

An Intern’s Intrigue by the Photography of Starstruck

Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography is a collection of photographs that truly captivate an audience. With its rich colors, dramatic movement, and awesome subject matter, many of the pieces in this exhibition are stunning, to…

Local Students Inspired by the Work of Steve Tobin

On a recent trip, Central Bucks West high school ceramic students saw the work of Steve Tobin in his exhibition, Out of This World: Works of Steve Tobin. Below are the artists statements that were written by the…